Massive Interactive

Open Source Projects

Open Source

This site provides an overview of the open source projects released and contributed to by Massive Interactive.

Massive provide a number of open source libraries and tools that are intended to increase the quality, efficiency and consistency of cross-platform development with Haxe.

  • munit - unit testing framework and CLI
  • mcover - code coverage framework
  • mconsole - console and logging API for Haxe
  • mpartial - umacro library for implementing platform specific functionality as partial-classes in Haxe
  • msignal - type safe port of Robert Penner’s AS3 Signals leveraging Haxe generics
  • minject - macro enhanced Haxe port of Till Schneidereit's AS3 Swift Suspenders
  • mmvc - Haxe port of RobotLegs minus events plus signals
  • mloader - cross platform library for loading resources with utilities for queueing and caching requests

See for more information.

About Massive

Massive Interactive is a specialist provider of software and technology/design services and in the area of IP video.

For more 15 years we have worked closely with television networks and channels, cable TV operators, online video operators, film distributors, telcos and airlines – learning about their businesses and collaborating with them to create innovative new entertainment services for their customers.

Our technology focus is on enabling our clients to efficiently distribute and sell video content across a broad spectrum of consumer devices including:

  • PCs
  • set-top-boxes
  • connected TVs
  • game consoles
  • tablets
  • smart phones
  • in-flight entertainment systems.

About Haxe

Haxe is an multi-platform open source programming language.


  • Designed for platform agnostic and cross platform development
  • Compiles to JavaScript, Flash, C++, Java, C# and more
  • Open source
  • Strictly typed
  • Syntax similar to JavaScript/ActionScript/Java
  • Expressive modern language